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Hail Universal Lord, The Last Judgment, Te Deum Laudamus (2013)


About this recording

Recorded by The Tudor Choir; Doug Fullington, director. This disc contains just three pieces, each monumental! All three, Hail Universal Lord, The Last Judgment, and Te Deum Laudamus, are accompanied by a multiple ensemble of instruments, organ, solo voices, and choir. Each was recorded in one sitting (three sittings in entirety, spanning five years) at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle. Doug Fullington has made a spectacular achievement in putting this together. His choir is extraordinary, but more importantly, the choir seems to get out of the way of the music. Instead of thinking, “Wow, this choir sounds fantastic!,” I found myself thinking, “This music is amazing, and it’s giving me goose-bumps to listen to it.” What higher praise can one give for a recording of choral music? These three tracks are major accomplishments, from the standpoint of composition, imagination, creativity, musicianship of the performers, and overall affect created. They will make you want to run out and find a way to perform them yourself, so that you can share this experience with friends and supporters.

—Jonathan Dimmock
“Recording Reviews.” The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians,
vol. 3, no. 1, January 2014.

Advent Calendar and Night Music (2012)

About Advent Calendar and Night Music

This CD features the world-premiere recording of Peter Hallock’s Advent Calendar sung by the Byrd Ensemble, under the direction of Mardavin Obenza, and previously released excerpts from Night Music sung by The Compline Choir, under the direction of Peter Hallock (the CD cover erroneously states that Jason Anderson is the director). Advent Calendar was commissioned by the Compass Rose Society as a gift to honor Archbishop Rowan Williams. It was performed in Canterbury by the Canterbury Cathedral Choir under the direction of Dr. David Flood for Dr. Williams and the Compass Rose Society on October 5, 2012.

  • Year Released: 2012
  • Total Time: 25:34

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Peter Hallock: Countertenor Recital

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