Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record the service? Can I take photographs during the service?

Photography and audio or video recordings are strictly prohibited. Out of respect for the Compline Choir and those assembled, silence all phones and mobile devices. Finally, we ask that you maintain silence in the cathedral before, during, and after the service.

Can I use your music in a YouTube video or video for home, work, or personal use?

In short, yes. You must license such use through so that the Compline Choir receives all sync licensing royalties required by law.

When is the office of Compline? Can I listen via radio or internet broadcasts?

Compline is sung every Sunday at 9:30 PM, Pacific Time, throughout the year. The service has been broadcast live on Classical KING-FM 98.1 since 1962; the live internet stream is available at Podcasts are available here.

How long has the office of Compline been sung at the cathedral?

Compline at Saint Mark’s Cathedral began when Peter Hallock invited twelve music students from the University of Washington to study and sing plainsong. By 1956, this study group became the Compline Choir and chanted the office of Compline for others on Sunday nights.

How many people attend the service?

Compline attracts a diverse congregation of 300 or more people. Classical KING-FM 98.1 estimates that 10,000 or more listen to weekly radio or internet broadcasts.

Are the people who sing the service monks?

No, none are monks. Some are Episcopalian, Roman Catholic, Lutheran or another denomination; some are non-believers. All members of choir, including its director, are volunteers and freely give of their time and talents to chant the Office of Compline and support its operation.

Who directs the choir?

Jason Anderson has directed the Compline Choir since July 2009. He joined the choir in 2004, singing baritone and countertenor. His doctoral dissertation “The Life and Works of Peter R. Hallock (b. 1924)” was completed in June 2007.

Who started the choir?

Peter Hallock (1924-2014) founded the Compline Choir in 1956; he directed the choir for 53 years from 1956-2009. During his tenure at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Hallock produced a remarkable legacy of over 200 musical compositions, oversaw installation of the Flentrop tracker-action organ and purchase of Dutch handbells from Petit & Fritsen, and built a national reputation for a superb musical tradition. A portion of Peter’s remains rest behind a memorial plaque placed in the northeast column next to the Compline corner.

Is the choir comprised of male singers only?

Yes. Since inception, the choir has been comprised entirely of male singers. On special occasions, the choir has been supplemented by female singers and instrumentalists.

How early should I arrive to get a good seat? What do you charge?

The doors to the cathedral do not open to the public until 9:00 PM. As this is a church service, there is no charge. However, you are encouraged to support the Compline Choir by making a one-time or recurring contribution, or purchase one of our recordings.

Are members of the Compline Choir paid? When do you hold auditions?

All members of the Compline Choir, including its director, are volunteers and freely give of their time and talents to sing the office of Compline and support the Compline Choir’s daily operations. Auditions are held only when vacancies occur; typically, auditions are held in late summer or early autumn. If you are a trained, classical musician with significant experience singing in choirs, and would like to submit your resumé or vita, we would be delighted to receive and hold it. We will contact you as vacancies occur.

If we can answer any questions for you or if you would like further information, please contact us.