Mission & Strategic Plan

 The mission of the Compline Choir is to:

  • Perform and record liturgical and religious music for men’s voices for the edification and enjoyment of listeners
  • Promote and perpetuate ancient, traditional, and contemporary musical forms of worship
  • Minister to the spiritual needs of the community

Our 2016-2018 Strategic Plan will realize that mission in the coming years as we:

I. Nurture the Compline Legacy by:

  1. Ensuring the office is sung to a high performance standard through encouraging and expecting consistent discipline and increased professionalism in rehearsals; offering courses in music fundamentals and small group voice classes, and holding regular sectionals; creating an online portal for members to see, hear, explore, and practice upcoming music.
  2. Renewing members’ musical skills and knowledge through an annual off-site choir retreat and providing regular opportunities for refreshment and new learning.
  3. Offering small group activities, events, and gatherings at regular intervals that build relationships, friendships, and camaraderie among members.
  4. Celebrating members’ choir anniversary dates and continuing to provide time in rehearsal “for the good of the order”.
  5. Securing funds for and procuring new vestments.

In future years, we might have a composition contest, commission works from locally- or nationally-known composers, and undertake an international tour to or residency at English cathedrals.

II. Develop, support, and sustain the community we serve by:

  1. Articulating our relationships with the Hallock Institute, Saint Mark’s Cathedral, and Diocese of Olympia; amending our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws with stated goals of negating conflicts of interest, cementing our 60-year history of collaboration with the cathedral, and ending our “extra-canonical” status.
  2. Assisting the cathedral in its “Living Stones” capital campaign by attempting to raise $150,000 toward the purchase of the half-length Compline corner window through measured, careful gift requests of alumni, friends, customers, fans, and attendees of Compline.
  3. Providing avenues whereby those assembled or listening online can share needs, concerns, and prayer requests; regularly offering prayers for those assembled or listening online; and, providing access points so those assembled or listening online can opt to become known by the choir and/or cathedral.
  4. Publishing seasonal Compline service booklets incorporating only the music and texts needed by the choir.
  5. Refreshing and updating member video interviews and the Compline introductory video on our website; regularly updating the narthex monitor Compline feed
  6. Exploring collaborative, creative ventures with Saint Mark’s Cathedral and other non-profit organizations whose missions and purposes dovetail with our own

In future years, we might offer a short-term residency for male Senior Choristers on recommendation of cathedral staff and offer our name and assistance to the Hallock Institute in raising funds.

III. Celebrate the Compline Legacy by:

  1. In 2016, offering a 60th anniversary weekend celebration which allows us to reconnect and cultivate relationships with as many alumni as possible; mark our milestone anniversary in worship at the cathedral on Sunday morning and night; offer a panel discussion on the Compline legacy and share hopes and a shared future vision for Compline; and, make known giving opportunities to our alumni and friends.
  2. In 2017 and beyond, offering annual Alumni + Compline services which allows us to reconnect and cultivate relationships with as many alumni as possible and make known giving opportunities to them.
  3. Promoting our music by selling recordings and books after services through development of a sustainable sales plan, creation of a member staffing rota, and providing sales/promotional training to members.
  4. Recording a disc of new or previously recorded music reflecting the breadth and depth of music for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.
  5. Continuing support of Peterson’s Prayer as Night Falls: Experiencing Compline when possible.
  6. Editing and publication of Peter Hallock’s The Compline Psalter, vol. 1.

In future years, we might develop a Compline mobile app and offer regional Compline services.

Adopted unanimously as a working Mission and 2016-2018 Strategic Plan by the Compline Choir board of directors on April 17, 2016.