“The Lord Almighty grant us a quiet night and a perfect end. Amen.”

The men of the Compline Choir chant and sing the service to an audience of thousands who attend in person or by live media every Sunday night at 9:30 PM. The Compline Choir invites you to contemplation and reflection.

Make a gift to the Compline Choir

Donations in support of the choir’s ministry allow us to:

  • Purchase and commission new music—each new work purchased costs $90; each new work commissioned costs $500.
  • Produce new recordings—a new recording of music for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter is planned for 2017.
  • Maintain our website and podcast feeds—this costs approximately $120 per month.
  • Replace our aging and worn vestments—this project has been fast-tracked to 2017 at a cost of $15,000.

The Compline Choir is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please consider making a one-time contribution or establishing a recurring contribution. Donate here.